Why do you need our help?

It’s not easy to work with emerging tech and markets. In order to successfully manage such assets, it is important to avoid the underestimation of risks and opportunities. Singularex provides startups, investment funds, and banks with the blockchain industry analytics. It includes determining ICOs, forecasting trends, and creating cryptocurrency portfolio.


How can we help you with Blockchain issues?

Analytics helps to evaluate risks more precisely. It allows you to see market situation better by discovering people’s behavior and intentions. Singularex has the experience and its own approach to analytics of blockchain technology industry. We’ve already helped to build predictive models, analyze the market, identify successful ICOs, and develop a concept of the tokens.

What will you get?

In order to contribute to your decision-making, we determine stakeholders’ interests, develop mutually beneficial concepts, analyze markets, products, and social media. This information can become a huge competitive advantage. We help to turn your expertise and power of blockchain technology into the business growth.

Would you like to learn more?

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