Why do you need our help?

It is important to avoid the risk of underestimating. Social media intelligence helps to evaluate risks more precisely. It allows to see market situation better by discovering people’s behavior and intentions. Singularex provides banks, insurance companies, investment funds with the social media intelligence.


How can we  help you with Finance issues?

We apply social graphs, insights, mentions and sentiment analysis. Mentions and sentiment data from social media is a mean of building predictive models. Social graph analysis and open source intelligence help you to know your customers better. Associations show public perception. Advanced analysis of millions of posts and profiles unlocks insight on your customer's behavior.

What will you get?

In order to contribute to your decision making, we determine the levels of emotions such as trust, anger or calm within given group of people, discover patterns in users’ connections. Insights show users’ statistics and what is important to them, what they value. These clues may become a huge competitive advantage. We help to turn your expertise and power of social media into predictive models.

Would you like to learn more?

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