Dashboard development and support
Visualize complex data with the help of graphs, charts and other widgets and monitor your key business metrics
You can access key real-time data about your business in a few clicks
The dashboard can be created to align with all your business needs and individually customized for your company
You can modify metric sets and get information without further help from developers
BI dashboard for food delivery service
We designed a custom dashboard for one of the largest Asian food delivery chains in Ukraine. It is consisted of four main data sets: Finance, Clients, Production, and Web Analytics. All the executives can access the data they need – such as income and expenditure dynamics by cities and departments, marginality and net profit, monthly revenue per unit, product rates, repeat purchase rate, lifetime value, churn rate, etc. – whenever they need it.
The dashboard made it easy for them to segment the audience and focus on personalizing services for the most profitable group of clients.
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