Predictive Analytics
A variety of techniques based on analyzing previous facts to predict future events
Predictive Analytics helps you identify opportunities for your company and focus your efforts on them
It enables organizations to pinpoint and evaluate risks to prevent adverse events
Generating predictive scores helps prioritize the development vector of the company
It helps drive better decisions in financial and production planning, healthcare and marketing, insurance and retail, cryptocurrency and social networking, etc
ICO startup case study
We conducted a study of 1200 ICOs and more than 100 factors that influence their fundraising. The main goal was to understand what marketing activities our client should invest in to raise at least $10M. We used all historic data from the ICOs as training data and machine learning models to predict the ICO return. We suggested that they postpone the distribution of tokens to one month and strengthen marketing. As a result, about $12M was raised through this ICO.
Case study on predicting wind turbine power
A Chinese alternative energy company was looking for a solution that would help them plan the load on the power system in their region. Using records of weather indicators and wind turbine power data, we trained the model and used it for further prediction purposes. As a result, we developed an algorithm that predicts wind turbine power generation in real time, according to 4-hour and 72 -hours weather forecasts.
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