Rhetoric analysis
Study users' posts and comments to gain insights into their sentiments and attitudes towards a certain topic
Enables monitoring of brand reputation or positive and negative attitudes regarding a certain topic in time
Insights about people's perceptions about the products, events, and companies you're interested in
Measuring the effects of PR campaigns or how different events influence society or certain groups
Rhetoric analysis in AB InBev case study
We analyzed 20,000 Vkontakte and Facebook posts about AB InBev and discovered right and wrong associations with the brand and its products. For example, one product, Staropramen beer, had correct consumer associations with words "czech", "kozel", "barley", etc. Wrong associations with Stella Artois beer were connected with a sushi bar promo. Using sentiment analysis by region in Ukraine, we detected where attitudes towards the brand were most and least positive.
Rhetoric analysis in the case study of banning VKontakte in Ukraine
We conducted a topic analysis of posts, detected ideological posts, and divided them into clusters. After the comparison of the topics before and after the ban, we noticed an increase in the share of ideological posts and discovered the appearance of new topics, such as "Russian news".
The analysis of ideological content in a case study for NATO StratCom
While studying millions of posts, we identified 11 ideological topics and conducted a comparative analysis of their relative popularity by country. The most popular topic in Estonia and Latvia was that of non-citizens. In Lithuania, it was the USSR and Ukraine. You can read the full research report prepared for NATO StratCOM.
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