Case studies
Sonar Platform
Sonar Platform is an Indonesian company that specializes in social media listening and provides companies and consultants with automatically generated reports on brand performance in the digital sphere. Extended Facebook API and Instagram Analytics API enables Sonar Platform with information on the number of likes, shares, views, post authors, etc.
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Case#2 delivery company is one of the largest Asian food delivery chains in Ukraine. With the help of Data 365 Distance API, the company is able to determine the best routes for the couriers and to optimize its business processes. Up to 120 orders per hour are analyzed by our API, a large number of requests are returned with needed data every hour taking into account traffic jams. As a result, company is saving the budget on delivery.
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35 best online marketing degrees
Our client needed to find the best online marketing degrees of the USA to make a TOP list. We made a research and determined 5 websites with aggregated data with statistics on different higher education institutions. The websites were chosen to evaluate the courses from the following aspects:online programs quality, online presence, earnings potential, student satisfaction, affordability, acceptance, retention.
As a result, we gathered up to 20 different characteristics of every online course. Then we gathered them in 7 aggregated metrics that were the base for counting one total index of the online degree. It was equal to 100 points for the best course. The results of our research were published in online schools report that provides students with practical and accurate information about every online college degree program available.
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