Why do you need our help?

Social media empowers modern word of mouth. It can work for you or against you. Social media intelligence helps to understand how your product is being percepted. Singularex provides business with the social media intelligence so it is able to stay a few steps ahead of competitors.

How can we help you with Commerce issues?

We apply the range of tools including associations analysis, target audience insights, influencers, mentions and sentiment analysis. Using of associations analysis allows tracking how you are being perceived by your audience. Mentions and sentiment analysis make possible promo campaigns tracking and performance measuring. It is no longer a riddle whether your actions have any positive effect or not. Social graphs and influencers detecting techniques allow catching those who are popular and whose opinion is valuable. Right influencers can be a great way to establish brand advocacy.

What will you get?

We help you make the word of mouth work for you. It is important what, where and when to say or post. Insights give you a clue about what is important to your audience, what they value, even what music they prefer. So your messages will reach out the target audience. You will be informed whether your actions have any effect or not with the help of mentions and sentiment analysis. 

Would you like to learn more?

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