Why do you need our help?

Late threat detection is always a big danger. Social media intelligence is able to spot threats and opportunities and act in advance. Singularex provides government bodies, defense and security agencies, analytical centers with the social media intelligence so they are able to stay a few steps ahead of those who can do huge harm.

How can we help you with Defense & Security issues?

To solve defense & security issues, we apply the range of tools including social graphs, insights, mentions and sentiment analysis. Using of social graphs and influencers detecting technique allows catching those who are popular and whose opinion is valuable. We use publicly available profiles data, posts and open source intelligence to detect suspicious networks. In the context of ongoing information wars, these clues are vitally important for a proper reaction to threats.

What will you get?

We can empower counteraction: it is important what, where and when to post. Insights give you a clue about what is important to your audience, what they believe so that your messages will reach out the target audience. You will be informed whether your actions have any effect or not with the help of mentions and sentiment analysis.

Would you like to learn more?

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