Why do you need our help?

It is important to understand the current and future demand on the labor market, as well as be aware of the risks that may arise in case of their dissatisfaction. This knowledge is necessary for the timely adjustment of training programs for students and company personnel. We help the government and the sector of complementary education make the right decisions to avoid personnel gap or the overabundance of workers in various fields.

How can we help you with Education issues?

We assess the pace of development of various industries, the impact of migration, technological and other factors on the labor market. We use open sources of information to study services, products and training/retraining programs for audiences of all ages. We identify trends in education, so you can design education programs that will be relevant today and in the future.

What will you get?

We provide information on what kind of cognitive and non-cognitive skills will be required for employees in certain fields of activity now and in the future, what difficulties may arise in applying different types of training programs, and the growth rates of existing and emerging industries. The correct and timely assistance in choosing a career path and training of human capital will prevent career disappointment and unemployment. It’ll also help to save time and money for retraining. Thus, it makes it is possible to achieve economic growth and improvement in the quality of life.

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