Why do you need our help?

Digitalization is spreading in all the spheres of our life. Healthcare industry is not spared by it. It is crucial not to miss a chance to join the trend on time. Social media is one of the ways of studying people's satisfaction and getting feedback. Singularex provides healthcare and pharmaceutical companies with the ultimate social media intelligence.

How can we help you with Health & Pharma issues?

We do it by the means of applying associations, opinion leaders, mentions and sentiment analysis, and making target audience insights.

Associations show public perception. Social graphs  and influencers detecting techniques allow finding those who are popular and whose opinion is valuable. This clues may become a huge competitive advantage. Mentions and sentiment analysis together with traditional market research makes possible measuring healthcare efficiency and getting feedback. It is no longer a riddle whether your actions have any positive effect or not.

What will you get?

We help you make the word of mouth work for you. It is important what, where and when to say or post. Insights give you a clue about what is important to your audience, what they value, even what music they prefer. So your messages will reach out the target audience. You will be informed whether your actions have any effect or not with the help of mentions and sentiment analysis.

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