Social Media API

Singularex Extended Social Media API allows gathering the information you need for your Facebook and Instagram analytics. 

Business Benefits

Get more social media data. Much more than you can get by standard API.

  • Stand out of competitors crowd. Propose more useful data to your customers.
  • Diversify your data sources. Be independent regardless of the official API restrictions.
  • Improve your social media platforms coverage. Get data from the most popular social networks.

Technical Benefits

Singularex Extended Social Media API gives a possibility to get the following data:

Search on Instagram by hashtag:

  • total number of tagged media
  • list of the latest tagged media

Search on Facebook by keywords:

  • search for posts using default Facebook search engine
  • can search for latest posts
  • list of posts

Instagram media and Facebook post:

  • creation time
  • text
  • URLs of the videos, images, previews, attachments, links etc
  • engagement counts: likes, shares, comments, video views
  • location info (for Instagram only)
  • author info
  • comments

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