Instagram Analytics API
What is it
This API allows you to search Instagram media (publications) by hashtag and receive the total number of tagged media and a detailed list of the latest tagged media.

Who's it for?
Instagram analytics data can be useful for social media listening, influencers detection, and brand monitoring. It can be an instrument for data gathering for companies that develop business dashboards, do sentiment analysis, analyze customer experience, monitor social media KPIs, etc.
What Instagram data can you get?
Instagram media:
  • Creation time
  • Text, list of hashtags
  • Image URL, video preview URL
  • Engagement (likes count, video views count, comments count)
  • List of comments (text, created_time, username of author)
  • Owner info (username, full name, profile photo thumbnail)
Instagram profile:
  • Full name
  • Biography
  • Profile photo
  • Detailed list of latest publications
  • Followers count, followings count, media count

Instagram search by hashtag:
Detailed list of latest posts by hashtag
Pricing Plans
You can pay for services by invoicing
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Basic plan
For the basic pricing plan, we load:

  • 100 of the latest posts per hashtag
  • 250 comments, with all replies per media
  • The first 100 posts from Instagram, and search results
  • The first 100 posts from the Instagram page.
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Individual plan
  • We can change the basic plan limits on media, comments, and profiles
  • Extra fields for posts, profiles, comments
  • API customization (request or response formats, webhooks, etc.).
  • Demographic data.
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Case studies
Case#1 Sonar Platform
Sonar Platform, an Indonesian social media listening company, uses the Data 365 API to get Instagram analytics for automated reports on brand monitoring on the Internet. Sonar Platform gets all the Instagram data for the entered hashtag (such as the number of likes, shares, views, post authors, etc.).
The information for developers
You send queries on GraphQL language and return appropriate data in JSON format. API accepts only GET requests.

For example, to get info about spacex`s media ( you need to make the next request:

    "error": {},
    "data": {
        "id": "20311520",
        "username": "spacex",
        "media": {
            "edges": [
                    "node": {
                        "id": "2050945158103931517",
                        "timestamp": 1558711736,
                        "last_update": 1558973916,
                        "is_being_updated": false,
                        "shortcode": "Bx2a8FCl5p9",
                        "created_time": "2019-05-24T15:28:56",
                        "media_type": "GraphSidecar",
                        "caption": [
                            "Falcon 9 launches 60 Starlink satellites to orbit \u2013 targeting up to 6 Starlink launches this year and will accelerate our cadence next year to put ~720 satellites in orbit for continuous coverage of most populated areas on Earth"
                        "like_count": 363806,
                        "comment_count": 1835
    "status": "ok"
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