What are the Sentiments?

Sentiment analysis is designed for assessing points of view and emotions of post writers. To conduct it, we use natural language processing tools and machine learning algorithms. It allows looking beyond the quantity of likes, shares or comments you’ve got. You will know the ratio between positive and negative responses. And how people perceive your brand or company.

How can we help you with the Sentiments?

We determine the frequency, topic, and polarity of posts during a certain period of time. We use two scales to analyze sentiments. The first one is a simple scale of "negative-positive". The second one is a complex scale based on a broad set of emotions. It allows to look deeper and evaluate “quality metrics”. They include emotions, attitudes, levels of satisfaction of the audience over time.

By combining social media listening and opinion mining tools, you can listen to your audience more carefully. You can identify which activities provide the desired results and right actions. 

Would you like to learn more about sentiment analysis?

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