Singularex is a consolidation of data scientists, R and Python programmers and analysts, some of whom hold a Ph.D. and D.Sс. in Economics and Mathematics.
Since 2013, we have been providing full social-media intelligence and analytics services for businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations in sectors such as Defense & Security, Commerce, and Education.
What differentiates us from our competitors is that we can retrieve data from any source and any social network via our proprietary Social Media API.
Our core value is people, and we are very proud of our HR processes. Our well-established employer brand allows us to reach top Ukraine talent in data science, machine learning, statistics, R and Python programming, and mathematics.
Kateryna Kononova, D.Sc. in Economics
Kateryna Kononova supervises research and development in Singularex. She is responsible for research methodology and implementation of new technologies. Kateryna also has a strong business background, as she previously established a successful web agency.
Since joining Singularex three years ago, the company has greatly benefited from her entrepreneurial spirit and scientific expertise. Kateryna's scientific interests include Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Neural Networks, Predictive Algorithms, and Decision Support Systems.
Yevhen Musiienko
CEO & Founder
Yevhen is a true entrepreneur who has launched several successful businesses. Initially, he specialized in UX design. Then he founded a design agency, which is now one of the leaders in the local market.
Yevhen is a sought-after speaker at conferences related to the Countering of Disinformation and National Security Issues.
Nikita Leonov
Head of the Canadian Office & Founder
Nikita is responsible for Business Development and Partnerships in North America. Singularex benefits from his energy and determination.
Nikita received a classical business education at Institut auf dem Rosenberg. He is highly skilled at identifying new business trends. Nikita is a true entrepreneur with practical experience of the venture capital world.
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